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Zontry enables anyone to build decentralized financial products.

The Zontry Network fosters a global group of creators building ambitious software solutions that will shape the technological landscape of future generations by accessing computing resources across the platform.

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Research Brought to Life

Zontry was born at the National University of Singapore and was the brainchild of a team of academics, entrepreneurs, and engineers. Our technology is backed by peer-reviewed academic research.

Sharding in Practice

Our unique application of sharding allows the blockchain to scale in a linear fashion. This ensures that the Our unique application of sharding allows the blockchain to scale in a linear fashion.

Eco-Friendly Dual Mining

Thanks to Zontry's consensus mechanism, the ecological footprint of mining has considerably been reduced. Only 1 minute out of every 2-3 hours is needed to mine ZONT, allowing one to dual-mine other chains at the same time.

Safe-by-Design Language

Zontry is powered by the first peer- reviewed and safe-by-design smart contract language called Zonta. Using functional programming design principles (as in OCaml) allows it to be more friendly towards static checks and formal verification.

How it works

At Zontry, we leverage on our silicon-smooth, speedy and cost-effective blockchain platform to catalyse and transform digital infrastructure across all global communities and industries.

Share your idea

Determine costs and timeline...

Sumit your idea in Zontry Ecosystem. Ecosystem review your idea in detail and provide you with a fixed-price-breakdown for each page and a timeline for the project.

Begin development

Begin building on Zontry...

If you’re happy with the price, we’ll start the work right away, by building on Zontry platform.

Deploy on Testnet

Add the final polish...

Once we’re 80% of the way through to completion, we see all things are working fine on the Network.

Zontry launch & support

Use Zontry Mainnet...

We will Deploy the idea to the zontry mainnet Network. Then peoject will communicate to zontry blockchain.

Zontry's high-performance, security blockchain technology.

Competitive, lucrative staking offer set to drive more value and utility into Zontry's circular economy. And introducing the governance ZONT token, that enables long-term token holders to play a part in the Zontry ecosystem.


(1 block)

2 seconds

(25 block)

6 mins

(1 block)

12 seconds
Tx Low Fees
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Fast Speed
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Zontry Token

Name - Zontry

Symbol - ZONT

Decimal - 18

Supply - 1.8 Million

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Listing Price 1 Token = 10$

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges at August 30, 2022.

Get it now while it's cheap (MAX 3 BNB) 0.01 BNB = 10 ZONT, 3 BNB = 3000 ZONT

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